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What year ! | Brass Bracelet

What year ! | Brass Bracelet


✰ Year  ✰ (center) + initials or stars at the ends of the bracelet.


An initial can be replaced by a star, write "*" in the personalization field.


One size adjustable.

  • Care Instructions

    Our jewelry is made with golden brass or silver aluminum blanks.

    It is not recommended to wear MEMO jewelry  in contact with water,  risk of weakening their lifespan.

    Apart from situations where it is immersed in water, brass is an excellent metal for jewelry due to its incredible endurance. 

    As for  aluminum,  it remains very resistant to  neutral water; however will corrode in acidic or alkaline waters.

  • Unique size

    Our jewelry is easily adjustable to  the hand according to your finger or wrist size.

    If you are worried about the size of your jewelry, do not hesitate to specify your finger or wrist size in the order note.

  • Special Customization

    If you want a special customization, please specify it in the order remark.

  • Personnalisations Possibles

    Les personnalisations possibles sont les suivantes: lettres, chiffres, signes astrologiques, coeur, étoile, croissant de lune, trèfle, abeille, papillon, fleur, patte de chien, main de fatma.

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